Benildean Core Values

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Filipino in Ideals

In as much as the college acknowedges the individuality of its students, I believe De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde has been very successful in inculcating within its constituents the very essence of being Filipino, or from what my Filipino teacher used to refer, the "Filipino-ness" of Filipinos. Born a Filipino whilst being a Benildean (who is open to foreign students and half-Filipinos alike), I was met with the challenge of engaging with students from and with other culture. But through the college's effort on maintaining an equally dynamic yet balanced breed of future professionals, it has never been such a difficulty in connecting with these people. The college has preserved the Filipino ideals as far as learning, growth and development is concerned despite its widespread campaign on putting together a mixed group of individuals with such potential dynamism.

Appreciative of Individual Worth - Creativity

De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde is home to future artists and performers - especially in the field of music, visual and performing arts. But unlike any other educational institution, the college, as part of the DLS-School System,
acknowledges with great breadth and depth, the creativity and individual worth of its students. It is through this primary consideration that the college administers to their needs which somehow provides a harmonious and nurturing bond from its facilitators, administrators and students.
In the same way as acknowledging such uniqueness, I purposefully give back in kind what the academe has taught, shared and provided in that as a Benildean, myself, I have learned to appreciate more the Arts, itself, in general and as well as, the individual creativity of my schoolmates. In such case, I am very grateful for the college for having aligned its curriculum with the interests of its market. Not only does it guaranty a whollistic growth and development but naturally it assures the mutual respect each individual needs especially in his learning years in preparation for the succeeding chapters in life bound his way.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Deeply Rooted in Faith

Filipinos have a strong sense of faith. It manifests our firm belief and great respect in God and to our religion, as a whole. The picture on the left was taken at the Feast of the Black Nazareno.

People might serve differently from one another in professing their faith. But as a benildean, being deeply rooted in faith is one which takes serious responsibility in giving aid and providing voluntary community service to my fellow countrymen - especially to the poor. In simple terms, Faith as a Benildean Core Value necessitates the genuine manifestation of Love and Service to the community; faith, after all, is what unites the nation making it one big community.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Social Responsibility

As a Benildean, I take my actions and deeds with great responsibility especially in looking after the welfare of the needy and less fortunates. Given the chance to help other people, I recognize their weakness and as a result, I take part in helping them live a normal and decent life. This strong sense of communal life manifests the core value of being socially responsible, such that, in loving and caring for the people in need, one proves his love for God (and vice versa); thus, that same act of fortitude and generosity binds the social responsibility that co-exists with our very own humane existence.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Professional Competence

Being professionally competent, Filipinos have become naturally aware of the demands of work and labour in the corporate world - especially nowadays, that in order to survive and ultimately attain each individual's goals and objectives, one has to actually strive for excellence apart from being driven, motivated and dedicated.

As a Lasallian - Benildean, I was given the opportunity to learn and be equipped with the core values that make up a Lasallian Christian Achiever and a Christian Community Builder, as well as the knowledge (theories and concepts) that I could put to use once I pursue a professional career in the business or corporate industry. Already in my last academic term, I am about to meet new people, make new friends, be part of a new organization, face new challenges, and learn the hard realities in life. For this purpose, I gear myself towards professional competence because I know success in any endeavor is never going to be that easy. Indeed, some of my future colleagues would have more credentials but it should not be a hindrance for me to excel, instead, I would have to use them as a motivating tool in order to strive harder, seek for excellence and just be at my best all the time. This I believe is what being professionally competent is.